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Five Reasons To Have A First Look – Melissa Blythe Miami & NC Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer

To have a first look or to not have a first look?

This is a common question that many engaged couples are faced with when planning their wedding.

What is a “first look” you ask?

A first look is when the couple to be married choose to see each other before the ceremony. It’s a private moment between the two of them and it’s usually followed by bride and groom portraits.

I understand some couples are a traditionalist, and a first look is NOT for them, but for more modern couples who are entertaining the idea; I would like to share a few reasons why a first look is a good idea!

Reason Number One
A First Look = More Photographs

As your wedding photographer, I have two main goals: provide you with a fantastic wedding day experience and deliver a photography gallery that you’ll swoon over f o r e v e r r r. From strictly a photographers standpoint, a first look is an excellent idea because it allows us to have more portrait time together. More often than not, when a couple does not have a first look, we’re either running against a tight timeline schedule or chasing light to squeeze in every single moment of portrait time we can. When a couple chooses to have a first look, we go straight into a couple’s portraits session right then! AND we can still plan for post-ceremony portraits, which can be more relaxed and creative since we have already time together to photograph your “must-have” portraits. This alone is such a game-changer for not only couples but photographers too!

Reason Number Two
Less Stress, More Relaxed

Since you and your spouse-to-be are having a first look there is no need to wait until post-ceremony for all of your family and wedding party portraits to be photographed. You can now build in time for those “must-have” pictures with your VIPs pre-ceremony and spend time celebrating with them up until your ceremony! This takes a lot of stress from you, as you won’t have to worry about potentially missing important portraits or chasing down a family or wedding party members who have decided to “just grab a drink from cocktail hour really quick”. 😉

Reason Number Three
It’s Just for YOU

Something that is a rarity on wedding days is alone time between the couple. More often than not, right after the ceremony, couples become totally consumed by guests eager to congratulate them and wish them well, which is understandable! With a first look, you’re guaranteed to have time that is just for the two of you. This alone time allows you to soak up that “Oh my gosh, this is our wedding day!” feeling, together.

Reason Number Four
You’ll Be Fresh

A big plus to choosing to have a first look is that your make-up, hairstyle, and attire will be the freshly applied. You won’t have to worry about your mascara running or

Reason Number Five
Two Words: Cocktail Hour

When my clients choose to have a first look they are able to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests. More often than not couples are never able to appreciate the details that made up their cocktail hour –passed Hors D’oeuvres, signature cocktails, family and friends reunited at last!

*Because a wedding day should reflect the couple to be married in every aspect–their ideals and personal taste I never would urge my clients to have a first look if it wasn’t something they truly wanted. I completely understand the appeal of keeping things traditional and waiting until the bride is walking down the aisle for her grand reveal.*

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