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The Perfect Dress For Photographers | Melissa Blythe NC + Miami Fine Art Wedding Photographer

February 21, 2020

Wearing an all-black outfit has become the unofficial official wedding day uniform for wedding photographers everywhere. And I totally understand why: it’s easy to shop for, functional, not distracting, yet still carriers a professional feeling.

I personally really dislike the idea of wearing all black to an event that I’m photographing. I feel much more comfortable channeling my personal style with an outfit that feels comfortable, looks stylish, and allows me to feel like myself.

Also, not for nothing but these North Carolina and Miami Weddings can be extremely HOT and humid and black clothing is rarely breathable, haha.

For me, I love to wear dresses for my wedding day photography uniform. My style of photography rarely has me meandering in odd ways so I feel totally comfortable wearing dresses while working on my feet for 8+ hours.

This particular dress has become a favorite. I love the length, the button-down feature and the fact that it has sleeves, which can be rolled up.

Even though I photograph most of my weddings outdoors during the warmer months I still tend to purchase dresses with sleeves. I do have tattoos and since I photograph in churches often I think it’s just respectful to have my artwork covered 🙂

Okay, don’t judge me when I tell you where I found this dress….Forever 21.

I literally haven’t shopped there in yearssss because I feel like the quality is just so cheap but for some odd reason (Facebook ads) I found myself on their website. Anyways, I’m happy with my purchase and honestly really love the dress!

If you’re a photographer and are looking to add some formal options to your wedding day wardrobe I definitely recommend this dress.

Shop the dress here 🙂

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