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Miami Travel Photography | Miami Destination Wedding Photographer

July 29, 2017

Remember those goals you set back in late December of 2016? You know the ones I’m talking about, your new years resolutions of course Well, one of mine was to travel far and to travel often. You could say that my hands have been pretty busy in 2017. I mean, I did just have a baby a mere 6 months ago. But nonetheless, my pursuit to travel has persisted. So far I have traveled to Washington D.C., I have traveled to the mountains of Virgina for a fine art film photography workshop and most recently I have traveled to Miami. Miami is truly my second home. The Cuban side of my family still lives here and I did too for quite sometime. This is actually where I met my husband–good times!

If I could have it my way, I would totally move back to this buzzing city. So one day my plan is to buy a condo on the beach so I can travel here more often. I just adore the art deco architecture, the spanish speaking, the heat, the diversity, the truly turquoise waters, the city lights, the palm trees, the food, the cafe con leche, the little gems that only a local can tell you about. Ugh, Miami you have my heart.







Miami Travel Photography | Miami Destination Wedding Photographer – Melissa Blythe Photography

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