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Fine Art Maternity Boudoir Session

September 24, 2019

It’s no secret that I am a lover of soulful photographs. Creating images and capturing people in a way that shows off their raw, natural, effortless beauty is something I am very passionate about. I just LOVE making people feel beautiful. That confident high that I see my clients on after showing them the back of my camera or delivering their gallery is just so satisfying.

These series of photographs goes to show that you don’t always need elaborate details or a perfectly designed room to create stunning pictures. On this day it was raining like crazy, and the sky was DARK. It cleared up just before we started to photograph, but it was still very gray, drizzly and gloomy — not ideal light at all.

Even though the lighting was pretty crap I was never concerned about the final outcome. Being a photographer has made me resourceful, to say the least. So by positioning Ashley on the corner of the bed (the area that was receiving window light) and utilizing a white blanket (natural reflector), and correctly exposing in camera to avoid highlights being blown out, I knew I could achieve my signature luminous look. But not without a little help from my favorite presets.

I use Goodlight Presets to help me match my film photography work. I have spent thousands (no lie!) on different profiles and presets to help me match the look of film and literally have disliked them all! But ever since investing into the Goodlight presets editing has been a breeze! If you’re interested in the presets that help you achieve the film look without having to make 487 tweaks then Goodlight Presets are the ones for you!

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